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Maintenance Tips

Well folks after many years of potty issues here is what I’ve learned:

The number 1 reason for premature failures today is not maintaining your septic system.

Maintenance of your septic system doesn’t always mean spending money.  It can and should be about saving you money $$.


Just Ask Dylan


  1. No grease or oils of any kind should go down the drain.
  2. No! Non-bio degradable-feminine pads, condoms, q-tips, diapers, wet wipes, paper towels, fancy toilet paper, excessive amount of house cleaners (bleach-etc) and toilet tabs are bad.
  3. Spread your laundry out! Your septic tank is a treatment receptacle.  Too much at one time disturbs the treatment process and solids will bypass the tank and prematurely clog soil pores.
  4. Do not plant anything on or near a septic system if at all possible.  Root intrusion is the second most common failure issues in septic systems.
  5. Do not park or build anything over your septic system.
  6. Deter all storm water runoff from any part of your system. (Re: Roofs, road runoff, etc…)
  7. Service your septic on a routine basis every 3-5 years.  It is recommended to have your system evaluated.
  8. Just call and ask.  We are here for you.
just ask dylan


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